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Two years ago I went on, what felt like, a wild goose chase looking for sofas that fit this vision I had for my living room. I wanted a contemporary sofa that can fit in a traditional layout of the room.
  After months of scouring the internet , I came across the two sofas that I now have; the Float Sofas from Article. The style , size and overall feel of the sofas were perfect , the only thing I wasn't in love with was the color. They are gorgeous , don't get me wrong, but a tad too warm in comparison to my cool-toned... well everything else. I've managed to do my best to make it work but then I came across .
  I've always thought of slipcovers as sloppy looking  or "old lady", lol. I think I've always just seen slipcovers on oversized sofas or chairs that weren't structured and they have since just rubbed me the wrong way.

 ––– I decided to take a poll on Instagram to see what ya'll thought about slipcovers and 94% of you felt the same way that I had (previously) felt or looked at slipcovers #OLDLADY . That is when I knew I had to show how slipcovers could be modernized and thats what I did with the help of

but then I thought; what if I could get a slipcover made for  a mid-century modern sofa with a snug fit ? I mean.. is that not a game changing thought to those of us who prefer a more finished or crisp aesthetic ?

Imagine the possibilities of taking a structured sofa , chair , you name it and with the slip of a fabric you have a completely different look for a fracture of the cost of purchasing a new furniture piece. Even purchasing a more affordable piece , say something from IKEA, and purchasing a slipcover in your choice of fabric and color...options = endless.

slipcover color | WHITE CANVAS 472

Needless to say , it didn't take me long to start measuring.

Note: Measuring with a straight-edge vs a measuring tape allows for an even more accurate measurement 

Calculating the measurements for the covers were surprisingly easy. has a step-by-step diagram tutorial on how to measure for the measurement worksheet, see my worksheet below.
Once I was done measuring, entering them on the website was a breeze. At the end of the worksheet there is image dropbox to add photos of your sofa for the production team to reference when creating your slipcovers. I sent in several photos detailed and and landscape since I wouldn't consider my sofas a "common" slipcover style.

The slip covers are snug in all the right places , the arms and the back. The base , under the cushions,  is a little loose which is good for give while you're sitting on the cushions. The tuck nicely under the cushions so you're able to get that crisp look without sacrificing the functionality. 

––– The bottom of the covers were 2 inches longer the bottom of the sofa which allowed me to pin the cover under the sofa for that snug fit and modern aesthetic. ** Note: this isn't the "traditional" slipcover fabrication , I used the pins voluntarily to achieve a more tailored "upholstered" look. is a slipcover manufacturing company NOT re-upholstering 

The slipcover fitting took less than 15 minutes , you can view the simple fitting instructions HERE
These are the Sew-Ology tidy pins I used to pin the bottom of the slipcovers under the sofas for that "re-upholstered" snug appearance.


I used a steamer ,once I had the slipcovers in place, to smooth out any wrinkles from delivery. This steamer that I picked up at target is honestly beyond expectation. It only takes 40 seconds to heat up and instantly took out the wrinkles in the first pass!

Reinventing a furniture piece whether it be seasonal, rehab or just style is not only just cost effective but also allows you to create a custom piece that is practical for everyday! If you're in the market to slip into style, pun intended, I definitely recommend Not to mention production is super quick , within a week kind of quick + proudly made is the USA!

Front View 

Back View
Side View

You can check out more BEFORE + AFTERS  HERE 

You can see other slipcover styles and fits HERE
(traditional, shabby-chic, ottoman, chairs etc..) 

Did I change your mind about slipcovers? I'd love to know what you think about this slipcover transformation in comments below! 

Thank you to 
for providing the slipcovers for this post

Project : Kitchen

                                                Project Kitchen : Complete
This has been THE longest reno. Not weeks, not months but years! We started renovation about 3 years ago and it has been a slow process for obvious reasons : TIME & MONEY. Kitchen renovations are not cheap but we need manage to save a lot by doing 90% of the work ourselves , it just took a little longer. The only that in the kitchen that stayed was the kitchen boxes , everything else got updated.


Wall Color ––– Nothing that I love more than a bright and airy kitchen so we lightened up with room with a coat of White Metal by Behr.

Cabinets ––– The cabinet boxes were solid and in great shape so we kept them , painted them and added new shaker doors from Cabinet Door World and had a local painter spray them. SHOP AFFORABLE CUSTOM CABINETS HERE

Backsplash ––– Originally we didn't have any sort of backsplash besides paint . This was one of the very first improvements we made. The marble subway tile was super affordable from Lowe's but makes perfect background for the kitchen.SHOP TILE HERE

Moulding ––– Just Mould It. My life motto. We added moulding from the top of the cabinets to about an 1 inch from the ceiling, all around the base of the cabinets and also on the island. Moulding adds that custom look that we were lacking.

Hardware ––– When we moved in there wasn't any hardware the cabinets. I feel like hardware is like jewelry for cabinets so of course we had to add some.  We went with sleek pulls from Hickory Hardware –– various sizes from the Skylight collection. SHOP SKYLIGHT COLLECTION HERE

Lighting –––We had to get the kitchen LIT! I found this company on Instagram , LighingDirectNJ. They are a privately sourced lighting company which means they are able to find you exactly what you're looking for , for a fraction of the big box store price! You can contact them on IG , E-mail or by phone.  @lightingdirectnj ––– 732-552-7518 –––

For the island lighting , we wanted something timeless but unique - love the traditional vibe these lanterns give off but the cubed crystals add the touch of glam and interest.

The Dining room fixture is what I like to call understated glam... for this room at least! The dining room has a very modern , minimal feel but we also added traditional picture frame moulding to the walls so I feel like this fixture helps marry two together! Although it looks super luxe it was SO affordable , like sooooo affordable! You guys have to check out LightingDirectNJ!

*The "mood" lighting in the cabinets and above are from amazon! The are battery operated and  come with a remote which is super cool and are under $30 for a six pack!SHOP "MOOD" LIGHTS HERE

Appliances ––– All of our appliances were mixed matched  which isn't always a bad thing but it pulled your eye in different directions and made the kitchen feel busy. All of the new appliances are by Whirlpool and we are loving them!

Sinks ––– We had our solid surface sink replaced by Surface Savers LLC. We went with Stainless ( for prep sink and Fireclay ( for the main sink .

Facets ––– Sleek and simple was the theme. The main facet is a touch-facet which is super helpful when you're cooking and don't want to fuss with food all over your handles. I honestly wasn't sure how i was going to end up liking it but it's just tap and rinse now and I've grown to love it! SHOP FAUCET HERE

Flooring ––– Since the flooring continues into the dining room , I though I'd show you a sneak peek of what we have so far . Were  almost done and barely done at the same time . Basically what I'm trying to say is that we've done a lot already but we still need to furnish the room and decor a bit more but were loving the direction that things are going.
  We went with Luxury Vinyl Plank for 3 reasons; the price point is on-point , wide-plank wood look, extremely easy to clean ( water-resistant) AKA : kitchen friendly! I wanted a grey hue in the flooring but not solid grey , I love the classic-ness of the lighting beige wood and this one had it all.

Countertops––– Marble! J/K! Could have fooled you though, right?? They are actually... Epoxy! It was a DIY project we did about a month ago.
                           If you haven't seen the video on how we did it ,watch it here : 

If you have any questions about anything feel free to drop them in the comment section,
  I hope you guys love what we've done as much as we do!

Countertop Transformation

   Counterfeit countertop ? Depends on how you look at it - Is it real marble ? No. Does it look like real marble? It sure does!

Epoxy can mimic the aesthetic of natural stone but has loads of added perks. Epoxy is 10x more durable than concrete, you won't find the high gloss shine that the epoxy has in natural stone and the significant lower price point never hurt anyone.

We are completely obsessed with how the countertops turned out and I'm so excited to share this alternative to making your kitchen gorgeous on a budget without sacrificing quality and aesthetic.

Why we chose Epoxy?

1. It's 100% non-toxic. Safe to eat and cook on.
2. It is SO high gloss that it is reflective! Like a mirror!!
3. The cost is considerably lower than natural stone , I mean like a 1/4 of the price!
4. We could customize it to the exact look we wanted
5. Its UV and Heat Resistant.  Great because of all of the natural light we have from our massive windows not to mention you can literally put on a hot pan on the countertop , not that I would but you could, without it damaging the surface!


1. Use a travel sized spray bottle for a fine mist of shimmer using the FX powder / alcohol mixture. We ended up using this the second time we did the countertops and it was exactly what I wanted! It doesn't leave any circles or drips when sprayed and gives a little sparkle ( not glittery , very natural looking) to the surface!

2. If you are going for a lighter marbled look only use a tiny bit of the FX powder , in my case the color silver,  in your mix . Silver can look super dark super quick! You can also add more powder so more is less in the beginning!

Same goes for the pearl –– we made this mistake the first time around , yikes! I mixed wayyy too much pearl into the alcohol thinking it would show up an opaque pearl white. . . boy ole boy was I wrong! It looked beautiful at first but as the days went on and it cured it looked completely pearly YELLOW! See below , NOT a good look. . .

3. Wear old clothing –– Everything article of clothing I wore to do the countertop down to my underwear (seriously) I no longer own... just FYI !

4. Mix, roll , torch each countertop section at a time –– Especially if you only have 2 people on the job. This prevents feeling the need to rush and then making mistakes.

5. Apply just the Prime Coat to the vertical surfaces ( the edges/ backsplash) 4 hours before starting the flood coat. This is optional but its better to be safe than sorry and I totally recommend it!

6. No "shortcuts" Follow the instructions!!!

Questions? Let me know them in the comments below! 

* This post does contain affiliate links which means I will receive a small commission for any purchases made through them. Thank you in advance for your support! 


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I started this blog to document as I style our first home ––– think of it as a virtual scrapbook, only I share the pits along with the peaks! 

I've always said "it's not where you buy it , it's how you ( or your space) wear it" Creating a great space doesn't have to be expensive and hopefully this blog can be a resource for budget-savvy options without sacrificing great aesthetic !  

Turning inspiration into transformation ; Styled on State is more than just a home tour , its a journey of style and I hope you'll stick around and travel it with me! 


IKEA Coffee Bar

Affordable , functional, organized and styled. Four words I love to see together. Find them in the coffee station , talk about a perk! I've always loved the idea of a coffee bar but couldn't quite figure out how to make it work for us, our space and style. Most coffee bar inspo that you find on Pinterest is a farmhouse / country vibe , which is super cute but just not my personal style.
   I have this little nook in my dining room , right off my kitchen, that I thought would make the perfect coffee bar, coffee station, morning station whatever you'd like to call it. It's the perfect in-between from the kitchen to the door to take 'belle out to go potty in the A.M.
   I knew I wanted something more modern and sleek and I came across the IKEA BESTÅ storage cabinet and the measurements couldn't have been more perfect. I love the glossy white doors and the adjustable shelves. I did order the glass top and I am SO glad I did , it is a must for a coffee bar! Is it just my Keurig or does yours spit coffee everywhere too? #soannoying
     The BESTÅ feeds my inter-OCD thats for sure but I'm not complaining because I actually love organizing. One of the most satisfying things to me is seeing a space organized , haha. Anyone else?
When I ordered the BESTÅ I also ordered the KUGGIS Boxes in various sizes for storage , see below. I also placed by first order with The Container Store . Yes ... my first order! Where has The Container Store been my whole life?? I am officially obsessed . I don't have one even remotely local so I had to order online but I'm not going to lie , I spend hours on the site now. Back to what I ordered... I picked up these two Clear Stackable Accessory Drawers they are the perfect size for mugs/cups and I love that they are drawers!
                                                            Tour my coffee bar here



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