Nana's tailored Zucchini Bread


  My Nana is known for her once a year zucchini gifting, to all of us kids, and that time was just last week. Her sweet self even makes my loaf gluten-free, so thankful. I've always had a desire to bake but  have never made time to do so. Working and renovation have taken the lead over homemaking but I carving time to harvest this new skillset. Sometimes you have to fit it in when you can, even if it means moonlight baking, like last night at 9pm. ha.  If you know me, you know that I have to tweak everything to make it my own and this bread recipe was no exception. T and I took Nan's recipe and altered just a few ingredients and "wow" is all we can say. I wasn't sure that anything could top Nan's recipe but we have to admit, including Nan herself, these small modifications have taken it to the next level that we didn't even know was possible. The smell, the flavor and the perfect blend of a moist center and browned outer. 

Let's talk customizations I've made. 

Oil/Butter ratio –– I did 1/4 of each equally 1/2 cup total. You could do 1/2 cup of your choice or split it like I did (recommend) 

Cover –– I placed a sheet of foil over the top, not wrapped around, at the 31 minute mark. This will help the top from over browning

Applesauce –– if you are looking for the ultimate soft center this is a MUST. Pineapple is also an option but the way the applesauce combines with the nutmeg and cinnamon..nom! 

The texture –– Most recipes including nan's call for shredded zucchini but I decided to cut up some small bits of the zucchini and add it to the loaf, mainly because I was about to shred my fingers as I got to the end of the zucchini and didn't want to waste the rest of the zucchini, ha. Come to find out the added texture is a hit. 

Flour –– Bob's 1-to-1 Gluten Free Flour is what I use for baking . It is so similar to regular flour that I honestly cannot tell the difference, I'm not sure anyone would. Kudos to Bob. Of course, if you are not GF and want to use regular flour you can and it would turn out equally as good. 

Note: Cook time will depend what type of loaf pan you are using and your oven. I used a silicone loaf pan and it came out perfect-o. I plan on using my new Magnolia loaf pan this weekend to make banana bread, i'll report back! 

If you try out this recipe, I'd love to know how you liked it! 

Urn Combination


Shutters on State | SHUTTERLAND


Looking for instant exterior impact ? Add shutters. Proof is in the photos for our home's exterior.  There is a shutter for any home aesthetic. Colors are boundless, elective style options and customized sizing are all offered by  SHUTTERLAND . 

Let's start by traveling back, pre-renovations, to 2014. 

The house overall looks much different today than it did in 2014. After painting the brick and roof, smearing the stone and landscaping there was one missing element to create a more European aesthetic ,that we were hoping to achieve , the shutter size. We did install shutters in 2021 but they were limited in length due to the concrete windowsills. We decided to go for it this year and cut off 3 inches of the concrete sills so that we could order and install shutters that were to scale with the overall aesthetic we were looking to achieve. We opted to go with SHUTTERLAND , an online fully customizable, American made shutter company offering an array of selections and budget friendly pricing and impeccable, and I mean FAST, turnaround time. Our windows themselves are not a standard size so it just makes sense that our shutters wouldn't be either. We knew we wanted to extend the shutters length but decided to go from 14.5 width to 16.25 as well and what a difference that made! Scale is one the most important or visually altering design elements and shutters are not exempt! As far as material, we decided on Vinyl for two reason, practicality and low-cost. Having a brick home means lots of 8 legged  arthropods , aka spiders, which find behind shutters to be a nice home so vinyl allows me to wash down the shutters frequently and spray without damage to the actual shutters. Pre-painted colors are an option but we went with paintable so that we could color match the color of our house, Woodlawn Colonial Grey. 

Once we removed the 3-inches of concrete and removed the old shutters, install was simple. 24 drill holes, 24 spikes, and 4 shutters. 

SHUTTERLAND has step-by-step instructions for measuring and installing, including videos, on their site based on which shutters you choose. 

Now lets bring it up to speed, here is what it looks like now! 

Let's bring it in one step closer, the details.

and who doesn't love a before and after, am I right?



I was going to wait to share this post until the weather was warmer and my landscape was in its full glory but then I remember why I wanted these shutters in the first place, four season interest. When it is cold, rainy, snowy or you name it; the shutters give curb appeal regardless of the weather. 

                 If you live in the midwest like we do; what better time to plan, order and install shutters than now when it is still a bit too cold to start landscaping projects! 


planting tree with

                  This post is in collaboration with

          What is better than Knock Out® Roses? Knock Out® Rose Trees!

I promised I'd share everything in my PROJECT: PATIO , and plants are no exception. The stay-at-home order made for the perfect opportunity to explore an online garden center ––

Apprehensive? Yes.

Why? Because you don't get to physically see what you are going to receive until it shows up at your front door.

Convenient ?

Also, Yes.

Why? You don't have to leave the comfort of your home to purchase your plants! 

Why did I choose is a family owned nursery located in North Carolina and offers not only online trees and plants for purchase but the website is also a resource to each tree and plant they offer. From zoning, care to landscaping ideas. The site navigation is smooth as butter and, in my opinion, alleviates all concerns or questions you may have about the tree or plant you are considering. The  1 Year Warranty option and the Plant Safe Guarantee  are reassuring deciding factors for me.

Now let's talk about the Knock Out® Rose Tree 

Why Knock Out® Rose Trees?

If you follow me on IG , @styledonstate, you've most likely heard me talk about my love of Iceberg Rose Trees but Iceberg Rose Trees are not the easiest to locate because they are quite the popular tree, especially at the end months of spring. does carry them but because it was June when I was searching and they were sold out. Next year, I plan to order in early spring! 
  I noticed  Knock Out® Rose Trees on the site and had never heard of them before so it caught my attention when I saw that they are prime in my zone (5b). I'm sure you've heard of Knock Out® Roses, just like I had, but never in tree form. Think of the Knock Out® Rose bush with a slim tree trunk that looks like a branch! 
   Come to find out , The Knock Out® Rose Tree is super similar to the Iceberg Rose Tree. White ( almost identical) blooms, spring - fall bloomers, virtually no maintenance  and the list goes on. The only difference? The Knock Out® Rose Tree has a tad bit darker foliage and a more dense bush. 

Maintenance : Virtually none , thats why this one peaked my interest!  Once they are stationed in the ground or planter , whichever you choose, you watch them grow! Pruning isn't required but it does encourage for more vigorous blooms and plant strength. 

Click HERE for the breakdown on White Knock Out® Rose Tree care from 

                                                                                                        from screen to site , and thriving!  

                                                                                                                     Let's plant!

The planters are 20 x 20 so we decided to put 2 inches of rock to the bottom for drainage

Top Soil went in next, 3/4 way to the top

Lastly, we added a bag of Miracle-Gro Potting mix  

Both trees came with blooms already on them, which I thought was beyond incredible! They were moist and in good living health. 

I'd love to know if you've ordered plants of any kind online and your experience!  If you haven't and are curious, I definitely recommend checking out  I've already started my Spring 2021 shopping list on the site!  

Bedroom Bliss

Soft sheets, full wall headboard, large-scale artwork and an ethanol fireplace –– the perfect recipe for our very own warm retreat at the end of the day.  I don't know about you but our bedroom is the one spot in the house I like to keep a no-work zone. I mean it does sound like a good idea, am I right?

      If I  am being honest, I am writing this post in bed though. How can I resist this tranquility... simple, I can't!  When I am relaxed and comfortable I am the most creative and this Modern Blaze ethanol fireplace sets that tone for sure.  Along with a monochromatic color palette and minimal decor this is what dreams are made of , for me at least...

               No chimney, clean-burning and a real flame? Sign me up. I can't begin to express how much we are enjoying our Modern Blaze Ethanol fireplace. Never heard of Bio Fireplaces? You check out more about them here!

    Want to know how I created this custom wall- to-wall headboard ? Check out my video here 

What do you think about my new super cozy sleeping quarters? 

Organize My Drawer | Custom Organizers

When function meets style meets affordability meets custom; my closet drawers. Ikea is shamed by some but loved by me. Ikea is a, in my opinion,  designers canvas. They have so many great pieces that can be tailored to a specific taste at an affordable price point. I used the PAX system in my closet reno because of that exact reason. The PAX unit is completely customizable to your needs, whether in a closet or craft room, and the price-tag allows for a little more room left in the wallet a.k.a more clothes in the closet.   
I found an online company, Organize my Drawer, that specializes in custom acrylic drawer inserts. The best part about the ordering process is that I literally did it from home on their website. I have video on my channel where I should the entire process from measuring , to ordering , to selecting inserts and then styling the drawers. 

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