Nana's tailored Zucchini Bread


  My Nana is known for her once a year zucchini gifting, to all of us kids, and that time was just last week. Her sweet self even makes my loaf gluten-free, so thankful. I've always had a desire to bake but  have never made time to do so. Working and renovation have taken the lead over homemaking but I carving time to harvest this new skillset. Sometimes you have to fit it in when you can, even if it means moonlight baking, like last night at 9pm. ha.  If you know me, you know that I have to tweak everything to make it my own and this bread recipe was no exception. T and I took Nan's recipe and altered just a few ingredients and "wow" is all we can say. I wasn't sure that anything could top Nan's recipe but we have to admit, including Nan herself, these small modifications have taken it to the next level that we didn't even know was possible. The smell, the flavor and the perfect blend of a moist center and browned outer. 

Let's talk customizations I've made. 

Oil/Butter ratio –– I did 1/4 of each equally 1/2 cup total. You could do 1/2 cup of your choice or split it like I did (recommend) 

Cover –– I placed a sheet of foil over the top, not wrapped around, at the 31 minute mark. This will help the top from over browning

Applesauce –– if you are looking for the ultimate soft center this is a MUST. Pineapple is also an option but the way the applesauce combines with the nutmeg and cinnamon..nom! 

The texture –– Most recipes including nan's call for shredded zucchini but I decided to cut up some small bits of the zucchini and add it to the loaf, mainly because I was about to shred my fingers as I got to the end of the zucchini and didn't want to waste the rest of the zucchini, ha. Come to find out the added texture is a hit. 

Flour –– Bob's 1-to-1 Gluten Free Flour is what I use for baking . It is so similar to regular flour that I honestly cannot tell the difference, I'm not sure anyone would. Kudos to Bob. Of course, if you are not GF and want to use regular flour you can and it would turn out equally as good. 

Note: Cook time will depend what type of loaf pan you are using and your oven. I used a silicone loaf pan and it came out perfect-o. I plan on using my new Magnolia loaf pan this weekend to make banana bread, i'll report back! 

If you try out this recipe, I'd love to know how you liked it! 

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