Bedroom Bliss

Soft sheets, full wall headboard, large-scale artwork and an ethanol fireplace –– the perfect recipe for our very own warm retreat at the end of the day.  I don't know about you but our bedroom is the one spot in the house I like to keep a no-work zone. I mean it does sound like a good idea, am I right?

      If I  am being honest, I am writing this post in bed though. How can I resist this tranquility... simple, I can't!  When I am relaxed and comfortable I am the most creative and this Modern Blaze ethanol fireplace sets that tone for sure.  Along with a monochromatic color palette and minimal decor this is what dreams are made of , for me at least...

               No chimney, clean-burning and a real flame? Sign me up. I can't begin to express how much we are enjoying our Modern Blaze Ethanol fireplace. Never heard of Bio Fireplaces? You check out more about them here!

    Want to know how I created this custom wall- to-wall headboard ? Check out my video here 

What do you think about my new super cozy sleeping quarters? 
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