Easy Holiday Treats | The Gift of Food


Call me Betty, Betty Crocker ;) 
To be completely honest , I'm not to savvy in the kitchen. It wasn't until this year that I started getting a little more invested in the kitchen and by invested I mean looking up recipes, lol. 
The thought of following a recipe was completely overwhelming to me because putting all the ingredients together was not where I wanted to invest my time. What I didn't realize is was there are some super simple recipes out there that taste so delicious ! The key for me is planning out what I'm making , staying organized by only keeping the items I need in pantry that I will be using for that weeks meals and making recipes that I'm actually excited about. Oh and having a new kitchen to cook in doesn't hurt either ! If you haven't seen my kitchen reveal, you can check it out here.
Okay now that I've probably made you doubt my kitchen skills, lets get into these recipes before you click out and miss out on these yummy treats!   

For the step-by-step recipes, click to watch the videos below 

Whats better than gifts? ... food?  Give the gift of food and your killing two birds with one stone , I hate this metaphor but you get the point !

 If you make any of these , let me know your favorite in the comments! 

Merry Christmas
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