Project Kitchen/Dining Room | Vision Board + Update

We've come along way from blue walls, honey oak cabinets and naked cabinet doors (aka, no hardware) but that was only the beginning of this lengthy transformation that is slowly but surely coming to an end!  We've been in this house for 4 years now and while I don't feel like anything is done, the reality is that we've done A LOT ! We've learned so much about renovating, construction, planning, etc since we picked up a hammer and a paint brush for the first time four years ago, but my vision has been the same. Today, we are that much closer to that kitchen. 

For me, vision boards are fun to create because it allows me to show what I see inside my brain. For someone like Tim, who is not as visual, they really help put things into perspective for the final outcome. Either way, vision boards are easy to create and are helpful to stay on track and motivated, highly recommend them to anyone thinking about tackling a project! 

I can't wait for my next update because it should be the FINAL one! I hope you guys are as excited as I am to see the final outcome! We can't wait to kick off 2018 with a brand new space to make memories in, that will last more than just the year!
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