Perks of Purchasing Flooring Online

  Online shopping is considered the norm in 2017. However , Making a significant purchase online can be intimidating because the gamble of possibly making the wrong decision.
         Since online shopping has been on the rise and likely the consumers preferred choice of shopping, online retailers have went to great lengths to compete with domestic retailers to offer and provide the highest level of customer service to attract consumers to their sites. This includes return policies. Most online retailers , including Build Direct , offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
  With that being said, is the risk of online shopping really a risk at all? If so, does it outweigh the perks for shopping online for home improvement ? I put together a few reason why I personally think purchasing flooring online is a parade of perks.

1. Cost - Purchasing flooring from an online retailer can be an instant wallet gratifier. Prices are usually much less than big box store prices. Why? Because the product is delivered directly from the production warehouse to your house.Unlike a store front retailer where the flooring is shipped from warehouse to warehouse and then to the store or your home. Purchasing online allows you to bypass the price markup from each transfer making the cost lower for consumer purchase, manufacture -direct prices.
2. Customer Service - I don't know about you but the last thing I want when making a paramount purchase is someone trying to rush me , trying to suede me into something that I really don't want nor need. Don't get me  wrong, I regard customer service of great value but with the competitive market these days it is hard to trust the integrity of someone trying to make a sale. Online customer service is at the will of the consumer. You can chat, e-mail or phone at your convenience.
3. Convenience- You can browse , shop and purchase from the comfort of your home , your favorite coffee shop, or wherever you please without ever stepping foot in a showroom. The showroom is essentially your home.
4.  Samples - Test before you buy. Samples are available to be shipped directly to your doorstep without a deposit or credit card hold. No commitment only options.

    We recently shopped online for our flooring on They offer a wide range of selection from wood to laminate and everything in between. Not to mention, they also offer other building materials. Think of them as your one stop online shop for home improvement.

If you haven't seen the post where I reveal our Stately Manor floors from Build Direct, check it out HERE.
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