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 What I have come to realize throughout the our home renovations is that without grounded vision of the end result , it can make the designing process incredibly difficult.  Starting with the foundation, the flooring, and working up and out takes a lot of the guess work out of the process.
  If you think about the actual construction of a house , it is built from the ground up. You wouldn't put the roof on before you laid the foundation ,That's actually impossible. So I decided to start applying that same mentality when designing each room, starting with the floor.
   I have an entire blog post dedicated to choosing the right flooring for your space, you can check it out HERE. The flooring you choose is what is going to unify the entire space , think of it as the common denominator of each design element you add in. It sets the mood and the tone.
  I really wanted our living room to say two things; mindful and simplicity. I wanted the floors to be  the substance that added depth or the "come stay awhile factor".   The living room is obviously a place for most people to relax and unwind, and for me that means simplicity. If you've followed me for a while now, I am sure you know that I am not one for clutter. Clutter screams unrest to me. That isn't something I want in a space where I was to relax at the end of a long day.
  That's why the Onyx Stately Manor flooring by Mohawk from is a perfect slate to build from. It has a traditional feel with neutral undertone and minimal grain , keeping them timeless. The grain actually appears solid from a distance not distracting from the texture of the fireplace, tile and artwork. Our floors truly set the stage for the rest of the living room design elements.

   Whatever your grounded vision looks like, establish it ! It will make every decision from this foot forward a step easier! If you're looking for a good starting place , BuildDirect  is a one stop shop for home improvement. They offer loads of flooring options with manufacture-direct prices.

Curious about how my living room renovations turned out, watch HERE.

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