My Favorite Everyday Lip Liner Pencils

   Although lip liner isn't talked about much in the beauty world compared to lipstick and other make up items , I feel like most us do wear it. Lip liner is defiantly a staple in my make up stash because my upper lip is basically non-exsisent without it. Not to mention, having Invisalign changes the proportion of my lips weekly. Some weeks my left side is higher and some weeks it's lower. Lip liner helps me to balance out the areas the need a little extra definition and/or fullness.
  Finding that perfect lip liner isn't always the easiest though. I like a lip liner that is creamy enough to glide on without much effort but I also want longevity. I don't want the fuss of re-applying lip liner every hour on the hour. I am also a huge nude lip lover but, with that being said, I don't want it to look like I applied my concealer to my lips so that is where a slightly darker lip liner is golden to give a little depth to my lips.

Here are some of my favorites, eleven to be exact!

1. Bare Minerals  Freestyle
2. MAC Stripdown
3. Milani All Natural
4. Urban Decay Naked
5. Urban Decay Naked 2
6. Charolette Tilbury Pillow Talk
7. Jordana Tawny
8. ColourPop Bound
9. Marc Jacobs Nude(ist)
10. Rimmel
11. Bite Beauty 022

Here are some swatches

I hope you found the round up of my favorite everyday lip pencils helpful! I know some of the swatches look like duplicates, I guess it really shows what I gravitate towards. Ha. In terms of formulation they are all a little bit different (besides the two Urban Decay pencils) I'd have to say my top two are Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury and Marc Jacobs Nude(ist).

Do you have a favorite lip pencil that is your everyday go-to? If so, let me know in the comment section.

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